Stinky’s Wound Treatment. By Jodi Gershman DVM

Stinky was a one year old feral cat who presented to Dumfries Animal Hospital in July for an extensive wound on his right hindlimb that occurred when he was brought inside the owners’ home in February of the same year. Stinky had several failed treatments prior to the visit.

This is a picture of his wound on his first visit.

stinky wound








We began hydrotherapy (rinsing his leg with warm water for 5-10 minutes) on Stinky’s leg twice daily. We also applied a wound gel daily and gave antibiotic injections every two weeks. All of these therapies were performed by Stinky’s very dedicated owners. Each visit, we noted marked improvement with these treatments.

stinky wound 2








After 3 months of continuous treatment, we felt it was time to finally try to close the wound. Even with the surgery, it seemed Stinky’s wound was resistant to healing. After consulting with Dr. Yokota, acupuncture was initiated that resulted in an amazing improvement even after the first treatment. We are glad to report that Stinky’s leg is finally healed. We are so happy!

stinky wound 3 stinky wound 4

stinky with Dr